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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

girl zhou, i m sorry for claiming "zhou fell" in my hardest time in this forum back to 2007.

i grand u never fell and forever proud and gifted. i grant u my Queen in crown, the same of Masheng. i grant u the third wife of mine. i grant God cares u and holy spirit in u.
i grant u r one of mine.

come and join me, sooner the better. i need u, as well as all my beloved, my girls that praying for me. original post at https://groups.google.com/group/benzyrnill/browse_thread/thread/d5982af70421ef3c https://groups.google.com/group/benzyrnill/t/c18d667046d7a571

look the site i claimed for u: http://zhou.be21zh.org or http://sites.google.com/site/gozhou .it just waiting for u to cultivate it.

a sleepless night for all my girls. allow Jiangyue join me from now on.

From Family&folks ∑ hometown journey

From Still lifes (3) ∑ hometown journey

From Still lifes (3) ∑ hometown journey

yesterday i finally got all family facebook's vanity profile urls, after a previous day's hot waiting and vain. it rained when i busy with getting enough mobiles to pass the verification a new vanity url demands. in the night i tried to join a chatroom to get more fans to my family pages in exchange i become fans to more pages i never heard in the aim to pass the limit facebook set to allow a page's vanity url. then my eldest brother knocked our door and sent us 2 slices of water melon. i went to bed eariler than usual, but a dream woke me up in mid night and stay me awoke almost all night. i dreamed of a newly got well being guy suggesting travel countryside with his car. then in a sex course woke me up i found the feeling of ema, my baby son's mother, and my own, upon sex. i got view that faith in God is in fact the longest and most passionate sex the faith owner can get. and his gifted beloved blessed with the longest and most peaceful, the most harmonious sex pleasures, the only lasting warmth in men&women's life. faith grant believers the longest and lasting warmth fails age and rigidity/mediocrity age brings. its started raining since then. how i love the rain, which always remind me of the warmth of house, mutual cares in homes when no other distractions but just gathering rain brings. i gradually reviewed all my love with my girls, esp. Lü and Masheng, for who i most looking forward to join me and care my life together. from girl Lü i started to review the girl Jiangyue, a once student of ema and got ema's tutor together with girl Lü at ema's house. i previously felt girl Jiangyue might belongs to my baby son, for in the end of the tutuor and in a occasion baby chosen her while i more satisfied by the competent girl Lü. no, i got wrong, this moment i made clear, after the drizzle and a shit release in the mid of this blogging, and worry about the security and frustrating of girl Jiangyue upon my missing love to her. i made clear Jiangyue belongs to my Royal and IS my wife. my God had and forever cares her, including her growth and career's independence, as well as self-realization. i made clear my baby son's uniting with girl(s) in family name "Jiang", can be quite late, all in God's setting which forever the best. i made clear girl Jiangyue can join me any time, and can live with my together from now on.
its a hard night for i can't sleep. i also reviewed the nighbor wives' foolish admire toward me. none of them can partake my love, nor even my warmth of faith. i belongs to the world, not the residents now in Zhudajiu, my hometown village and my past dad's sovereign.my love for my beloved girls never shake nor lapse. my love blesses all my girls with eternal and happy life. my love brings them harmony of sex we never forget nor discontent.

its a nice week, for those i got from the cyberspace, except this morning. in some flash message i worry about girl Jiangyue's falling to hopelessness, but now i felt better. God constantly cares all my beloved, all girls can join my life to share the faith for God, and my Royal to mandate the world belongs to us.

ok, now time to bye. thanks God, Jiangyue, i never miss ur love again. i took u now. follow me and join me as soon as u can. i love u.

it resumes to drizzle now, just when i prepared to wire to the net. God, save me, save my all girls need me. forever and never seen glory to u!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

shit China surveillance, failed lots of proxy, including freedur

i tried lots of web proxies. my newly created blogger blog shown me admin but the blogger management panel don't give me admin privilege, not allowing me to invite authors. i don't' why why it is, all my old blogs all defying my inviting authors function after i logon blogger.com via a web proxy and the only working one. they broke into my web id long time, and i not sure if they stealth my admin privilege and cheat the site not to allow my admin privilege while shown me as admin on the page, or just the web proxy confused blogger.com's admin system.

later i resort to freedur, which enjoy good fame among Chinese users under China tighten surveillance these days. but i can only access blogger.com homepage once, after i submit my login detail, my traffic again fell into mute.i sometimes casually open a blog's homepage, and shown i logon for the page shown edit link to allow me open editing widget window, but thats' all, any attempts to open the setting page of my blogs indifferently went lost.

shit the China surveillance. they acted like can't wait time anymore to spent out their only time before their total collapse. surely they saw their hells.

however, i got my blogs on blogger.com for my left baby bird, they r http://birdous.blogspot.com and http://birdnus.blogspot.com . i also claimed a blog for my web id benzrad, at http://benzrad.blogspot.com .thx God, i recent paid more attention to my baby&myself Chinese Pinyin name, and even blogger's user so large a group, i got our blogs in exact Chinese name or my coined name without any deter. they r http://zhuchujia.blogspot.com http://warrenzhu.blogspot.com ,mine http://benzrad.blogspot.com .with these beautiful namespace, i felt really bounty of God's gift for my Royal of China under his shine.

fairway, China surveillance and shits Internet cop/dog. my kingdom doomed to grow and blow, ur destiny of tomb near and near. u pick fall. i endorsed with rising.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

@htxt when i can aut

@htxt when i can autopost via htxt to my gtalk status?gtalk statue likely update google profiles. &autopost to my yahoo profiles.

ask hellotxt new feature:auto update google&yahoo profiles.

@htxt when i can autopost via htxt to my gtalk status?gtalk statue likely update google profiles. &autopost to my yahoo profiles.

China surveillance's tools now far more stronger, failed most proxies.

prepared to delete recent wrong blog entry with blogjet, but Chin surveillance now with power tools failed all proxies i can find.

Monday, June 15, 2009

correct errs&repost last blog on the busy week.

post a blog entry for the busy week, including my work for nephew's avatar. lots of errs after posted, so repeat posting after layout ok.

a great week.

avatar of my nephew, designed by me.
my work of designing nephew an avatar or logo, at http://626895145.qzone.qq.com 

my breakfast in mid of my morning work. mother cooked for me these days.

this week really busy. it started with a landrush for facebook's vanity url claiming. i got up unusually around 5 am and waited for the moment the site allow my claiming my frequent web id. when all ready, i finished it within several minutes, with several kind of browsers open and several family facebook accounts logged on.to some disappointing, i got known that some family facebook accounts i recent built, not allowed to register their favorable name in its url, and later via search i got known on 28th of this month, i will get it. in the night in daily discuss with baby and his mom in Qiqihar, northeastern China, i told them the great news of their vanity urls, but they didn't applaud as i expect. baby still don't want talk to me and banned his mom doing so.

then the next day launched to retouch family twitter background image to include new facebook profile url. that merely cost me a day to design and update twitter sites with the outcome. coming next is to add facebook connect, now with more family facebook profiles, to family genwi newspapers, to improve its universal log in and richer publication sources. i did the same later to family retaggr accounts. in the afternoon. the nephew who just came over his national college entrance exam, visited me, i picked his once ask for a avatar like mine, with powerful warez i collected from web, i demonstrated him and finished the work after near 3 hours. in the night, i suddenly felt the decision to add Chinese domestic mailbox into alternative secure mailbox among my google accounts was wrong, for China surveillance anytime can break into any account with domestic ISPs, obtain all credentials u registered, ruin ur account at will, so its wiser to cut off all my google and yahoo accounts' sharing detain with Chinese ISPs. that cost me more than a day, and this morning, when i sorted my bookmarks locally, i felt time to make clear family googlepages sites ripes. so i launched to check every family google account to make full use of them to claiming more googlepages. google decided migrating googlepages to its sites product, and stop all googlepages' registry. but account already open a googlepages can continue create no more than 3 sites in one gmail account.  its really a joy to enrich my domains with these new sites.

ok, its my recent works, its turning sultry these days after enough rain and clouds. i really appreciate the weather since my arrival in my hometown journey. i rightly look forward re-experience the heat and moist here in central China where i was bred, i look forward more direct contacts with the stinging sunshine, my best gift and one of most powerful tool of Masheng, my Japanese fiancee.

these days in a turbulence of site building, i seldom talk with Masheng, nor girl lÜ in her 2 days' rains. i also don't sing after dinner as usual. the neighbor wives upset me. and hostile neighbors got me low.

ok, its time to bye.i hope its not a long time before i kiss my baby son again. i hope we can enjoy more and more in the coming years.

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equipped family google profiles with realtime latitude.

added google latitude to family google profiles, resume more family google profiles&customize them.also fine tune family yahoo profiles btw.

claimed more googlepages before its migration to sites.

claimed more google pages with extending all family google accounts' capability.google don't allow more new register with its pages product.

secure family gmail&yahoo mail.

since morning secure gmail&yahoo mail with secure question&secondary email, rip Chinese mailbox from alternative. claiming more googlepages.

problem with email posting via htxt.

@htxt i email to post,but the title of email lost in autopost of htxt among my blogs. how can i include a title for blog in email toward htxt?thx.

dictation in China a really risky puppet.

@buildingateam but the dictation is a really challenge for safe investment. nothing more risky than the collapsing puppet.

dream of large scale

dream of large scale plague .accuse colleague xu depriving my due protect materials.hometown all in tigh watch against the plague.later on the train met an easy-going female.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

read in greader. try

read in greader. try adding lattitude to family google profiles as tipped by articles. remove Chinese email from family google accounts for security.add other freedom world email as alternative mailbox.

mother again want th

mother again want the nephew join our dinner&he did.then he ask to upload his avatar i newly designed as a compensation.i bathed.the os, ie. digsby again abnormal,like last time he surfed on my notebook.baby refused ema to talk with me online.

finished adding more openid&pub sources to all family genwis.

rest for some time after ate water melon.continue adding more openid,esp. myvidoop&our publication sources to family genwi.

who to include title in post via im bot?

@htxt how to include title in post via im bot? like gtalk or yahoo msgr? option to add title can only found in hellotxt homepage advanced.

claim more family myvidoop openid.

claimed more vidoop openid for family&customize public profile on it. read in greader&dealt twitter following.

add facebook connect to family genwi&retaggr profile.

add facebook connect to family genwi newspaper, add more publication source of ours. got updated signatures from family retaggr&bookmark.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

fine tune some family genwi account.

try around. fine tune some family genwi account, adding facebook connect&openid.

update family twitter template with facebook new vanity url included.

retouch family twitter backgd image to include new facebook vanity url since noon. bathed&chat with baby online.reply sally's strange query.

chat with ema&suggest her social profiles.

chatted with ema while baby sleeping.let her reset her qq password via sms. suggest her visit social sites i recent claimed for her.

when will htxt adopt vanity url?

@htxt when will htxt adopt vanity url to include @username? i badly need it.

got facebook vanity name&claim baby a new fb profile.

just claimed facebook vanity url for family accounts. claimed a new profile for baby there&customize. bind the profile with htxt&posterous.

customize family html signature in bookmarklet.

got up around 5 am.customize baby&ema's html signature via bookmarklet, sort bookmarks.read in greader since then.

dream of gangsters.

dream of gangsters, all ugly like the team of Chinese funny actor Zhaobenshan. they bully in school in the dream.

Friday, June 12, 2009

fine tune family yahoo profiles.

roam after dinner.fine tune family yahoo profiles, correct some errs&claim more openid.sort bookmark to include.baby not allow talk online.

read&bookmark with stumbleupon.

read in greader and bookmark with stumbleupon.glad to make full use of su, as well as with my bundle of bookmarklets.

got right 2 bookmarklets.got tea.

correct gmail html signature bookmarklet err via firefox&now it works. secure some ymail accounts.nephew return from town.neice offers tea.

got valid zemanta bookmarklet via firefox.

continued keeping alive some family email box, secure some. install firefox to got valid zemanta bookmarklet&succeeded. wonderful.

girl Lü missing me heavenly.

rest after power supply down&dozed. its drizzle&now cloudy. God let me know girl Lü heavily missing me.Masheng also constant introduce her.

kept alive family emails.

check family emails lest being lock out.last night reimport weather calendar event into family gcal.

accompany white people in dream.

dream of haunt park with 2 white friends,i carried one of them when he had problem to walk. one of them later join scientific research team.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

suggest cell activat

suggest cell activating on fanfou&facebook but rebuffed.post problem with zemanta blog tool.

tought mother a less

tought mother a lesson of cheap&noble persons.wonder after dinner in roam.talk to baby&his mom online.

echo of China surveillance.

RT @MeMedia 报告部长大人:我早已不花季了_威廉退尔_新...http://htxt.it/Ecue

read in greader&try news.

just vote on http://htxt.it/abTG ,i love google but he failed me.ms bing emphasizes my social profile attracted me.

fix family facebook rss errs in greader.

fix family facebook rss errs in google reader&backup. let d/l from peer networks.now time to rest.

post a blog. sort yahoo profile&openid.

prepared a blog entry for last night's painful dream.then go surf&post it.sort yahoo profiles&openid locally.restore os. fine tune facebook.

faith in God strength me.

practiced Chinese martial.saw ema's school's faculty sporting.after woke up, faith in God resume.no one in the world can harm my Royal.

a haunting nightmare

dream the evil conspire again:cheat me to consume at the cost of my family.very painful seeing baby in starve.decided to return to Qiqihar.

a busy week, nephew returned from college entrance exam&join cyberlife here.

From Family&folks ∑ hometown journey
the Chicken sex changer, a demon my mother attempted to treat

From Family&folks ∑ hometown journey
my mother in breakfast.

its nice cool morning. last night i really painful when i dreamed of the suffering of my baby and my Royal. i envisaged the dictator of China devised a conspire, let my alone spend at will while my expending all at cost of my family's fixed income. if i eat and play well,then they suffered lost and pain. the authority surveillance it and only me don't know the plot. the imaging i saw many times in my distressed time before fall into asylum, i never afford to see my Royal suffering, and that let me fight on 2 front lines and broke me apart several times. it drizzled since dusk just after i visited toilet and sat in the front yard of my dad's house and started to sing. it lasted when i busy in night to claiming myself another facebook account, benzillar land. i decided in dream that return to Qiqihar to care baby soon after it turns daytime. but after woke up the anxiety decreased and my faith in the Mightiest God resumes. i know that God wouldn't let my Royal under his shine suffer the evils the demon in China exerts, God wouldn't let me in dark any more helplessly. if he want to alert me something, i can know but usually not great fear or distress. the most time of following God should be joy and peace.

its a nice morning now. i can anticipate some sunshine later. rain day really beautiful and let me productive. i know Masheng for whom i stayed here waiting for 4 months likes to introduce girl lǔ to me, let me review her love in the past years in the rain. the night before last night, i told baby my girls prepared villas in Taibei, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanjing, for our gathering to come. he giggled and likely his mother, ema, also listening. baby these days yet don't want to talk me online. 

its a long road leading me to God's shine, but not a slow way to God. decided to follow God not always peaceful, sometimes it can rock/torn u out of track, like the several moments my heart torn by imagery dilemma in which my beloved&myself can't move or respond but just suffering pains of helplessness. they r all God's show on me before i find the way toward his door. God loves true love, and true lover. like the bible says, there is only spirit in the world. anything just a load of the spirit.

ok, its a nice morning to disclose my distress, and difference a faith in God brings. i always in need to declare, that i forever follow God, no matte how the seeing and delusion how can persuading my urgent action to save my beloved. i love God, the only creator of Universe and the Mightiest. glory forever belongs to him and never a devil can leave a smog on it. i never want to live in fear and unbalanced.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

claim baby&my own each facebook account.

claim zhuchujia&benzillar land account with facebook,customize&add to hellotxt&posterous autopost,since late afternoon till now.sang&bathed.

rest&let nephew surf.

tried games after neighbor boy join me. mother cooked liver needle for her grandson&me.dozed but restlessly while nephew surfing.

ema now has her fanfou status update.

claimed ema a fanfou account&customized it. fine tuned her gcal sms notification. dealt email after breakfast.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

a busy night.

visit nephew who offered me local shrimps.sang a lot in front yard.read in gread.follow more twitter.baby refused to talk to me.

rearrange gcal sms notice.

rest after noon while nephew surfing. cold&can't sleep.cloudy&periodical sunshine.rearrange gcal sms notification.nice days since yesterday.

utterli likely sliding to death pool.

posting to utterli via email again failed&i had to web post.my group zhudajiu there can't customize avatar&logo long time.useless fdback.

shown nephew my sites.

only son of my eldest brother returned from his senior middle school. shown him my sites,esp. my google apps.post photo to flickr time cost.

post delayed reply to media.

sorted recent photos.post a blog entry of reply writen on last Friday to ThisIsDiversity,&photos to my public channels.its still drizzling.

a media reply

From Family&folks ∑ hometown journey
My elemental school teacher, a villager, now a boss of concrete products.

From Still lifes (3) ∑ hometown journey
front door view of my past dad's house.

below is a reply i wrote on Jun 5, 2009,  in answer of an inquiry from a site, ThisIsDiversity, about my some opinion on China surveillance. i glad to see emerging chance to be opener.


Doug Cress suggested that I contact you. My name is Julia Garrison and I am ThisIsDiversity's Special Features Reporter.  I would love to learn more about your situation as a journalist in China: the topic of internet censorship is one that I find extremely problematic. It would be great to get your story on this  highly debated issue so that I could write an article informing people around the world about what is happening in your country.


What kind of restrictions are placed on Journalists in China?

i m not a journalist, i worked once for a state-owned enterprise and work in its cable tv branch, designing heading and caption. i never got any promotion even i think my work was marvellous. gradually i got clear the invisible constrain cast on me. after a dispute with the director of the department, i got kicked from my professional position, instead i was assigned a job in the title of "temporary worker", one reason why i was not laid off was in China enterprises not encouraged to do so, but i think deeper review is that the state intelligent want to keep me in cage to observe. now i work full time on cyberspace, with my first domain, be21zh.org at http://www.be21zh.org , i got 3 years ago.
China has now 3 main portals in its Internet service. 2 built by returned Chinese graduate or post-graduate from American universities, ie. sina.com and sohu.com , in my view they offer nothing but exotic/vulgar news. another is built in Guangzhou, southern China, by a Chinese graduated within China. all of them in my view quite flat. they never die, unlike yahoo or those startups in US. they services, like email, blog, album, alumni, none deserve a compare with that of American isp, but never one can imagine their quit. for in China, most important is u granted to live by the authority, but not u r better survived.

there is no news in my view in China, for almost all medias belong to the state, and through state-owned enterprise and affiliate office to the government departments, most Chinese don't have the freedom of finding a alternative job in free job market, which only belong to peasants work temporarily in City to build or maintain the less bright part of the life of city(even in this market peasants were yet fined). anyone in mainland China lives in fear and insecure for their life and living decided by the higher cadre and finally the state, which in fact a dictator with a police mind set. in fact, in most common people's view, the journalist in China never enjoy the respect they should or does in freedom world, for most people know their job is a kind of brag of officer among Chinese social ladder. they work in boring and planned, and earn some additional money, like quite some positions in China society which breeds bribery rampant,  from paid news, nothing creative or independent, nor respectable/responsive.

In your experience, how does the average Chinese citizen react to the restrictions placed on Journalists?

most Chinese just endured and waiting for a hitchhike toward a better politically architectured new China. they learned from generations that the leader and first out-standing risk most, they kept themselves distant from the bureaucrat which can profane and absorb any gifted mind, charging their life for thousand years in China history, with envy and hatred. and quite some part of the mob in Chinese society was bought by the ruling squad and live in abnormal psychological set and darkened belief. that likely why in China recent history they chose violence rather than God. they immersed themselves in the virtual potent from group or blood links, to evade the natural call of mercy upon unfair and bully and indifferent pervading in nowadays China mainland. in some gauge Chinese in mainland don't have average, the government these years spent a lot to buy services in rural area, in student group, in youth, with state resource to divide the previous wild hatred class. in some ways Chinese people in mainland now quite and only recognize the green paper, the money, that can improve their life a bit and only a bit, for any further plan unstable, just like the upper building and the doctrine, both based on disappearing smoke-alike clouds of lies.

What are the consequences of Journalists who speak out?

the government tighten the spread of news of its victims. quite some cases well-known were journalists in southern China media reporting death as result in government's failure got fired or separate in glass house of alien. there is no bone nor backbone at all in China journalists or journalism. punishment never disclosed. the afford from the victims and all invisible constrains cast on them, never can spread out to social commonsense nor turn clear. that's rightly the effect of terror the dictator want to exert.

Do you know of any journalists that have been censored by the Chinese Government?

first, there is very rare in Chinese licensed journalists who still had the self-responsibility for the right, for the independence. second, if there is standout, u don't know, for that forever their last struggle before their free fall into noname.


What kinds of bans or restrictions have been placed on internet use and what, if any, reasons does the government give for these restrictions?

every computer in Internet cafes within China mainland with their own watch dog, every web accessed  equipments registered and under the surveillance, with their only id. if there is something clear in the dictating country like China mainland, that's the only one: everyone, men or thing, has its individual secret log, maintained and focused by the dog dominated country, with its ruling hand.


How do you get around the restrictions? Do you think China will change its policies?

years ago i tried proxy and sometimes work. but these days the technology adopted by China Internet cop more and more stronger and failed more and more proxies. the machine dog team boast its tech to apply for its bonus bone from the dog-minded dictator, so it wouldn't loose its reign, never, before their total collapse.

What is your goal for China regarding free speech?

i live in God's shine, and never worry the future of China in my best wish. God saves and only he has the final word. i live with peace in the view of the end of the dirty state power theft. they can be also included in God's set for China's march toward ONE World within he glads. 

How does your faith in God relate to this goal?

i in depth belief of God, Christian God, i was educated from distress of love with a beautiful tall Chinese collegian. i was educated by spiritual ebook written by American. i know now i was chosen to follow my fate, to resume his glory, to resume my ancestor's glory, on this old land. i can be meaningless like a wind or breeze, i can be weighted as the highest monument people and people to arrive had to raise their heads to watch. i don't assert my deed in the world, but i assert i forever in shine.

How do the restrictions on journalists and internet censorship relate to the Tiananmen Square massacre that occurred on June 4, 1989?

 u can google, which also under surveillance in China and bring less result page than u can. a google group at https://groups.google.com/group/fans i can mention, even quite trifle, but u can read complains and curses upon the surveillance and 6.4 special blockage, if u can read Chinese. even in the group, there is i guess spy from the state intelligent.
BTW, i want post this email to my blog, at http://benzillar.blogspot.com .i can delay posting after u make usage of it. i wait for ur response and do it before next Monday, in ur curtsy.

best wishes,

benzyrnill, set to fly - do it, make it.
QQ: 570503557



Monday, June 01, 2009

stream in front cannel of the village.
From Still lifes (3) ∑ hometown journey
duck family in front cannel stream of the village.
its has been near a week since my last post. in these week i customized my windows boot screen and logon interface, and tried to update baby's desktop in Qiqihar. i also fine tuned my family facebook accounts, adding openid service, fit logos of my groups and pages there. also i claimed new sites from google sites, ie. sites for my girl zhou, like http://sites.google.com/site/gozhous/ ,http://sites.google.com/site/godzhous/ ,for my baby's mother, ema, like http://sites.google.com/site/emagarton and http://sites.google.com/site/emagartom , i also fine tuned my family accounts at plaxo, adding logon with facebook connect, claimed family accounts at yahoo profiles, which substitutes old yahoo blog system yahoo 360. i also created a profile for my cyber enterprise, be21zh.org, in title bebazh, for facebook don't allow number in user name. i customized my family twitter accounts with new background images i designed, after learning from other twitters' background. for diigo refused updating my imported bookmarks for several months, i tried to create a new diigo account to import my local bookmarks again, but after some delay just after imported, it again lost my import and bookmarked nothing. i guess China surveillance likely controlled my all diigo accounts and locked them up. diigo is a Chinese enterprise based in US, while heavily rely its team in western China. anything u trust to Chinese in mainland would be a mistake, for mainland Chinese is mostly a betrayal, they born after cleanse too weak to be good. i direct message and also feedback via page to the company, but never got a reply.

the long drizzle days passed, which likely brought some drain to south China while the northern China suffered drought. i later realized that Masheng letting girl lu on duty. i quite enjoy the rains, even mostly i busy online and seldom talk with it. i love girl lu even i now can't figure out how is like when i live with her aside. the rainning days let me stayed all time at home and engaged till exhaust. now its a bright morning, its 2 or 3 days after the same weather. i enjoy working in the open air on my dad's front yard in bright light and breezes. its temperature really nice, to let u best fit. last dusk i realized that my broadband here was offered by Masheng, and she did company me all these days before i returned hometown. i beg Masheng sooner join me and take care of my life in garden, in her garden.
here China surveillance tighten rein with crazy, lots of sites blocked deadly, failed most web proxies. some sites accessible last day, like yahoo profiles, scribd.com, etc, with which i can draw a conclusion with safe that the ban list on China Internet gateway tailored for me, and the China Internet cop monitor my web activities and steal my web form submissions real time. 

ok, its a bit wasteful to utter about the evil in China. God's day to cleanse it never changes. i look forward to my ancestor's fond over it can boost it better in coming world conflicts and starve.

here is my sites recently claimed.

on vodspot.tv:
zhuson, united US and China under God's shine
songdod, song for God, on and forever
beinzh, burning people in destructive nationgozhous, God over US and Japan and China

on google sites:
gozhus, shares God's shine between US and China
godzhous, God's love among nation of US, Japan, and China
godzhus, God shines over US and China
emagartendreamthatflies | emagarten
emagartom, sunshine kills
emagarton, dream blossoms

on yahoo profiles:
benzillar | benzradi
be21zh.org | be21zh
zhudajiu | zhudajiu
zhuson | zhuson@ymail
zhusis | zhuson
emakingir | emakingir
emagarten | emagarten
warrenzh | flickr
warrendzh | warrentzh
warranzh | warranzh
warrenzhu | flickr
warrinzhu | warrenzeu

on facebook:
Beba Zh

on diigo bookmarks user:

benzyrnill, set to fly - do it, make it.
QQ: 570503557