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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

close contact with google app engine first time

last afternoon i tried google new feature, contacts in google apps, then i found i can also add app engine to my google apps. so i launched, and that cost me an hour to settle. i claimed a google app engine and banded with my custom domain, be21zh.org. in the night i in high mood after i returned home, and bragged to ema and our baby son, warren. 
this morning i felt thirsty for more app engines, for last night in the process of applying, most of my frequent namespace all occupied. so i launched again for more app engines' id. after one or two hours, now u can see the fruits of my work.

Google Service title at appspot custom title under my domain
Google App Engine warrenzhus | appspot http://warrenzhus.be21zh.org
Google App Engine wzinus | appspot
Google App Engine wezhus | appspot
Google App Engine zhweus | appspot
Google App Engine zhweone | appspot
Google App Engine zhusone | appspot zhusone | be21zh.org
Google App Engine zhueus | appspot zhueus | be21zh.org
Google App Engine zhieus | appspot
Google App Engine zhdajiu | appspot zhus | be21zh.org
Google App Engine warzeu | appspot
Google App Engine warrzh | appspot
Google App Engine warizeu | appspot warizeu | be21zh.org
Google App Engine warozh | appspot

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