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Saturday, March 13, 2010

a new snow.

last night in dorm i can hear the wolfing of wind. this morning the sound of cleaning snow on ground woke me up. i lingered on bed after 8:30am, till my cellphone remind me of getting up for several times. in office clean my box.net shared files. tried to delete spam posts in baby's mom, emakingir's twitter, but proxy tool again failed me. posting daily tweet cost me longer time for amplify didn't autopost my tweet. sorted stuff from web&catalog graphic asset&backup to portable. its snowed last night, in morning the sky is pale, but turns sunny near noon. Holy message lets me doubt. enjoyed music online at noon. the facing evil stared at me while sit a lower sofa since work time of the afternoon, might felt that can daunt me. retreated to dorm near 2pm. fine tuned bookmark in opera mini on cellphone, then dozed in blanket till near 4pm. God lets me meet my baby by switching another way from a grey man's entrance. baby with his mom&grandma. the later soon left, baby's mom, emakingir, let me carry baby son to dine in KFC nearby, as she promised baby. there baby played pc games on my notebook, join the baby zone in the western style restaurant. i also shot some photos of baby eating&playing. ema suggested i bought medicines privately from a hospital worker, like we did last time. in this way we can buy more medicines than in regular clinch visit, and more expedient. baby's mom also bought me a hanburg. i demosstrated her the powerful os on her moto. she attracted&even invited me hacking her Nokia, but i refuted for too exhausted these days with moto. sent baby&his mom left, i visited office, where i tried to prepare more pc games for baby for my next visit. dined with noodle&pies. bought food on way, in singing of Masheng. in dorm blogged after tried new game&vector cliparts. the wind outside reminds me a cold night.

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