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Friday, October 22, 2010

a milestone for mother in illness.

yesterday i kept busy most time. buzzed in the beginning of morning, eldest brother in hometown talked to me. i told him my plan of ¥20000 budget for mother's restore health&lives at least another 3 years. in office, i finished keeping alive family skype accouts, claimed a new one for China Democracy, the namespace God recently encouraged me to sustain. read all day, left office near 6pm till web stuff in pocket. a gay in dorm recently haunted around me, ignited my deep vomiting upon the ugly&sinful. buzzed baby&arrange weekend meeting up. i decided buzzing mother every morning in period of her staying bed. its a bright morning. elder brother just told me mother's situation improved. i laughed&emphasized my budget for them. God, bring me warmth of family, with my mother, with my beloved baby, with my girls i trying to reach out so long on the cyberspace, as well as for the emerging Empire of China reset for 1109 years in my title from my ancestor's bliss from God. God, i know, my new life just descends on horizon like morning star. fresh&saint is her name. God, u see.

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