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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The brightest star over the Oriental horizon already rising. warrenzh, 朱楚甲, hope of China, God of Universe, driving his world behind the dynasty on the tiny planet, the Earth, already launched. star of the world, prophet of the Earth, doesn't the bird of first dawn sunray singing at its highest chord? does not Son of men wrestle and won the sinkings? now its time to echo with the greatest bliss so far, God his own addressing the planet, on the scarred land of China that's proceeding into its second Dynasty of M明ing, again under title of Zhu's. blunt and blind people, don't u hear the mighty storm whirling over the Pacific Ocean? don't u spare ur works by witnes the brilliance of Heavenly descending? so its now, for u and ur cared, attest the shine.


dreamed winning media awards.^dreamed won youtube and flickr award from my published video&photos. baby son and his mom accompanied me to join the ceremony. then dreamed of watching a table tennis contest, in which a outgoing sportsman won his weaker counterpart.
Its again a golden dawn. yesterday I visit baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, again by the way sending his mom my salary bank card. the improved salary, now amounts to ¥1800, arrived the day, after i checked more than 4 times on ATM since i received salary sheet several days ago. it was amazing sunny the moment i withdrew my living support to clear my debts on baby's new domain registry, and bundle of meals in canteen&sent to office. so i decided to visit baby as i promised him. the grandma already there, likely just fetched baby son from his pre-elemental school. i bought baby som cookies on the way. soon baby gamed on my notebook with a new game i just gained from web. the grandma left just minutes ahead her daughter's return, likely met on her road to arrange her daughter. so baby's mom refused to dine out with us, and cursed my frequent visits. i had to analyse her situation to persuade her change mind. I told her nothing can daunt me, nor death of mine or baby son, nor her incoordination or even sinister, for i solely follow God, the Majesty creator of all things and world, and order of God's. baby read a book on the floor when i elaborate with his mom. then we launched. on the way to restaurant i discussed the weakness among Chinese and Muslim, comparing with American people. i told him the ongoing war against Islamic ruling in Middle East, adoration of human respect and personal freedom, from the examples American leads. his mom soften her stance during the dinner, raised a question on google maps product for my tips. i picked last bus returned to my dorm. God, u see how rich the day for me and my Royal. God, Asoh Yukiko, bring baby son a dell game notebook, as he recently inquired about the promised gift. God, loosing China surveillance over Google products, let me read freely as usual. the sinful dictation in nowadays China these days restlessly broke google reader, attempted to trap me by refusing my logout google account, frustrated most websites around the world and global information seeker in the comfort of Internet. God, i know the downturn of the falling evil from fake idealism of Marxism-Leninism exactly on its way, closing to end never so speedily. God, let shine the scarred land in eastern Asia, follows Japan, Taiwan and other democratic systems soundly operating since World War Ⅱ. God, attending the dying dog machine in PRC, spare Chinese most from the ruin of political monopoly.


dreamed of surfing the air.^dreamed of surfing in air with a surfing board. my past mother, baby son warrenzh, my kid brother appears in my air-surfing dream. in late dawn dreamed of baby son and my kid brother again.


dreamed of shooting movie, and baby son.^dreamed i was preparing to produce a movie. my 2nd elder brother trying to make cheap alternative shooting way but failed. i tried new camera. in the end dreamed of baby son, and his heartbreaking pure love of Son's Heavenly. Its a sunny morning, after last night's strong wind. yesterday i carried baby to visit my ditched office in QRRS to settle his second domain, wozon.net, our family's 5th domain, after recharged by good news of improved salary, which amounts to ¥1800 2 months in series, on Friday when the salary sheet arrived on my desk. transaction settled on Mar 18, 2011, but for time zones' difference, i was affirmed by baby's godaddy account till this Saturday. i spent near an hour to find free hosting space plan disabled by the domain registrar, while baby waited aside for gaming on notebook so long. how smart he is and forever so! in the last i had to give up uploading my simple web site source files, with google apps free smb account in hand. we gamed awhile, then i persuade baby giving up his second night in my dorm for his mom urged him to return to have his handwriting class, and i badly want a hot shower in my frequent bathroom near baby's mom's house. baby narrowly admitted me, with reservation. we left my dorm near 3:30pm, soon i brought baby shower in the public bathroom. the underground bathroom let baby unease, i told baby my current financial status don't allow him enjoy baths more comfortable. baby then fought and complete shower, gamed again after we settled in his mom's house. the sinister younger sister arrived during our absence, likely trying to spy my data disk left in her sister's house. this morning when i arrived baby's mom's house, the sin slept in baby's bedroom where baby and his mom recently slept. enemy of my Empire of China paid the dirty and dark sin, the bitch, to pest my family, esp. baby's living place. i aroused&raised some blames before the sin left the house, while baby's mom, who turning more and more sinful in the fell and hell of her old family, kept silent. it's warm and bright when i launched to donate for suffering people in Japan after earthquake, as well as in Yunnak, southwestern China. for i can't find other available donating way via alipay.com, with which i had an account, so i picked a Japanese shop ( http://item.taobao.com/auction/item_detail.htm?item_num_id=9613022220 or http://aruyo.taobao.com/view_page-45548372.htm ) on popular Chinese e-commerce site, taobao.com, to make the transaction. the ammount is small, ¥60 (¥50 for Yunnan. https://lab.alipay.com/life/donate/enter.htm?name=zfbaxjj ), but i still felt God's praise, Asoh Yukiko's adoration. I also prepared a pc game baby asked on his desktop, gamed awhile as baby asked. when we left for baby's music lesson, we really thankful, except the losing woman, baby's mom with her easy angers. i told coldness gathers in elders' heart, encouraged baby finding fun his own against boring and meaningless, esp the surveillance from nowadays Chinese authority against our vested Empire of China under title Zhu's, separation&disperse against my Royal of China emerging in one as pre-date in Heaven. last night reported the largest moon in half century for recording space intimate to the Earth, but since afternoon its windy outside. when i got up to make water midnight, i saw the halo really brilliant and soft. now with sunshine outside, after missing 2 meals today, in this tiny&shabby room alone, i pray my new life with my girls descending me sooner, pray baby's burden of loneliness lessen, all in ur setting, God, Asoh Yukiko, dearest dad, best of the best in ur bliss!


dreamed of pets.^dreamed in an UN force team assigned to Africa. afraid breaking my kid brother's hand wrist but in fact its well. played in holiday, later found heavily wounded&bleeding pet cat, also a doggie. till i felt sorry and remove their barrier, they returned to their nest&settled. their suffering and enduring silently shocked me with love. Its a gloomy morning, but I know Asoh Yukiko's blessing.

From Spring 2011 in a nut

From Spring 2011 in a nut

From Spring 2011 in a nut

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