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Sunday, May 16, 2010

God affirms me with mighty deed in dusk drizzle.


today witness God's deed. the morning when i got up its gloomy. after breakfast i read indoor. then shifted to front yard of my dad's old house to read when it turned clearer. soon some kids in the village visited me. i treated them with animation online. when some of them asking for games, i let them playing pc games on my notebook. then more children or students arrived&gamed, let the front yard noise and happy. after forced them left when i felt enough, i prepared recent photos, and posted them with God's help against China surveillance, which failed me for more than an hour when i fought alone. a cute girl accompanied me when i succeeded posting to picasaweb. i shown her and later other girls their photos on my album online. when they started to game, i rested or tutored them to master computer mouse they first time used. they tried 3 games, and reluctant to give up. i soon brought my camera to haunt the village's front plaza, where again empty, likely most residential busy with indoor gambling. i shoot some photo of water, one of my favorite theme, then visit my elder brother's home, where i shot more scenery pictures. mother asked neighbor wives to buy pork, and still preparing dinner when i returned home. i rested in my dad's old house's back yard. its a long time before mother served dinner, and when i started to eat dinner, some evil neighbor wives gathered to watch the coming drizzle driving my mother indoor. but i insisted to finish dinner in drizzle. when i finished first bowl of rice with some marvellous dishes, the drizzle stopped. i felt God's bliss and exchanged one or two sentences with a neighbor wife for glad seeing the rain favor us. then a more serious drizzled suddenly arrived, mother rushes to collect dishes and moved to house to evade the drizzle even i insisted and finished my dinner in the drizzle, which wet my suite's shoulders. God don't alert me with precaution, but i know i do the right things any time. in peace, i shifted the table, which only left a dish by my failed mother, to our house after my last suck of rice wine several weeks ago elder sister bought me, and went outside lavatory to make water. the drizzle stopped almost at once. i chatted in dad's front yard with neighbor wife and her son about a new game i got late afternoon, and invited the kid even i knew he wouldn't join for the failure and hostile from his demon family. then i sang in open air till mother let me doing cleaning for night. the matter in the dusk is clearest God's deed. for the sinful neighbor wife, just behind my dad's house, is a Buddhist. she worshipped a puppy Buddha in her room facing our kitchen. dad, God, u shown killing and all why this dusk.
its all right when i watching TV. but mother felt at a loss, and tried to challenge me by sat parallel to me on my bed watching TV. i know her struggle against me, till she retreated in her claim for sleep. God, u sees i never response for any sins in the world of human.

benzrad's tweets&comments in May 12-16,2010

{May 12, 2010} mercy in Heaven. 

read in front square of dad's house after sky turns clearer. received the visiting aunt. dirt challenged, also from the front dark house owner, and drizzled awhile, let me shift working space indoor. mother babbled while doing sewing with neighbor wives all afternoon. i enjoy reading&download. post lastest blog to myspace. eldest brother, the demon captured, invited me to partake his shrimps&bird meat. i refused. the son of dark house owner joined. mother attempted to mimic, suggested cooking me a chicken, i irritated&refuted. watched awhile local TV news. talked to baby son in air. his mom still in school near 8pm, while his grandma attending there. it drizzling again now, for cleansing&healing. 

the ethic of modern China, esp. communist China, sinks into the darkest in China history. the cop/bureaucracy/machine dog system all among the social tissue smothered any humanity of hope. only God of Christian saves China, after the reformation of backbone and in the monstor's corpse from its ruin quite soon. China republic, is totally a premature, an abortion of the sin of seduction by Russian Red. http://amplify.com/u/5ykv 

{May 13, 2010} God blesses. 
rained likely all night. but wind let the ground now almost dry. the air so fresh, and the nearby mountain so green and living, let me sang&recited poems. evil eldest brother attempted to hurt me. it drizzling again now. enjoy douban.fm, on which last night i fav quite some albums manually.

read all day. dozed awhile when i rest on long bench in front yard to avoid the noise of neighbor wives babbles. help the mother, a disable elder, of neighbor. talked with Masheng all day. demo family album, including her daughter, to the wife of the ditched neighbor house. tried to chat with baby&his mom online, but soon forced down, like China surveillance broke between. 

{May 15, 2010} lightened by young lives. 
dreamed of college alumni. a pale morning, cold when sat&read online. somebody hurt around me, but God's shine forever incomparable shiny. read while neighbor wives babbled near my back door, including the sinful neighbor husband. i roamed awhile to evade dirt. then girl children&students, also including boys, visited. i treated them with animation online, later girl students played pc games. they left lately. i haunted the front village with my camera, shot some folks, some of them interested by my shooting. shown them their photos. dined in back yard. watched TV before surfed. ema chatted with me when she wired, and a nice talk.

From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

some plants and the village hall.

village children and students played pc games on benzrad, my notebook.

granddaughter of my elder brother.

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