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Monday, May 31, 2010

radio software infected my os, God saves.

read alone most day. mother don't prepared lunch for me for busy with caring grandson of elder brother, who busy with harvest rapeseed. most time in music. when i launched radio software aiming to listen bible radio, pc infected by virus. powered down notebook&haunted outside. some ugly villagers in front plaza talking about bullet&crime. i watched stream. mother holding her grand-grandson talked to me. closer to watch a house with spacious yards and trees and pond in front of the village. mediated aside the fish pond, on the rebellion&new riches among villagers, power of money&sin of imprudence&arrogant upon the Son. cared the grandson-in-law when sky turned dark&mother returned to collect drying clothes against rain. dinned lately delayed by mother. comment on web. chatted with baby&his mom online. baby ate cake&ice porridge. i buy the bill on my online finance.

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