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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

family blogger blogs' template improved.

a new work week, God sees how i cherish timetable&right mood i was beset. read after posted daily tweet. find a nice web service, radiotime.com, to let me listening bible radio without player's nitch. customized my account there. after noon lunched correct mistakes on some family blogs on google blog platform, blogger.com, then tried its new powerful template designer, improved most family blogs there with beautiful interface. backup stuff near 4pm, then baby's mom, emakingir arrived to send me some dates she bought, with baby son on her bike. baby son likes a beam enlighten my heart. help ema secure her qq account on road sending them to the grandma's house, where a rich meal including fish prepared, after did that on baby&mine in office previously. after seeing out them, a tall girl reminds me of my girl zhou passed me by, informs how i m fortunate and in God's bliss. after dinner rest on garden's bench for a long time, wondering life with my girl zhou. a gay silently sat parallel on a bench on the other side alone the aisle. shits find way to upset people in their joy. lectured before personal cleaning, with QRRS' new graduates. that caused me exhausted&got up this morning later than 7am. in dawn dreamed of alumni gathering&hot debate among us collegians. my 2rd elder sister also appeared in it. its a bright morning now.

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