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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sunny day sees this summer once lavish wading into river of golden memory.

Its a raining day this morning, exactly as Chinese lunar calendar indicting, Chushu, 处暑, summer heat is over. i walked barely in rain with my work suite, ie. notebook&camera, to join office, for every work day is meaningful for me, cultivation, accumulation, and harvest. last afternoon it also rained amid sunshine, its in fact a sun rain, i told baby its the most blessing weather. we had a longest time in years playing pc games together and succeeded most missions while his mom napped in another room. then we dined out. here r the moment we gathered&dined. baby naught a lot in the dinner, with his favorite food Guobaorou, flour coated pork. his mom these day frequently complained enough of him. after dinner, the rain stopped, we walked back, and i departed them on the ground near baby's mom's house.
after returned to QRRS dorms where i lingered for my new marriage, i directly join local church from bus stop, listened a nice preach by the male Priest, who elaborates more on bible, comparing his female pal who only recited poems or quotation from bible. the preach again discussed strong believing as my favorite. after the believers left, i expressed obligation to the Priest, we both felt blessed. on the garden of the dorm, i buzzed baby&his mom, who more and more felt at a loss in our once broken marriage. i buzzed twice to encourage baby lives in patience to see the bright days, for only with bitter or tasteless, we enjoy more the elation and sweat of bliss when it pours in. quite some girls in the dorms haunted outside around me. i can't say other but it all can't be more accomplished.
in the night, i roamed in dorm, reviewing my good time and ahead. sometimes i can't but sang loudly. i also drank a bit. God, u see how close the day of my wedding beset. my baby son badly need a new mother to cook him delicacy. i badly need a soul of girl accompanies&shares our love to u, the Mightiest. God, rid me of anxious, bring my girls to me, to my new Empire of China.
That's my another happy weekends.
Ps:delayed so long since last morning for the publish of photos via email, yet can't finish blogging before including the link of the album. read all time. later chatted with baby's mom, who prepared baby's profile photo for his music lesson. it turns sunny or cloudy since noon. God, saves the beautiful day with my works. save my Royal of China, the saint of my Empire of China.
From farewell to lavish summer
From farewell to lavish summer
From farewell to lavish summer

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

benzrad, 朱子卓, in restaurant amid a sunrain, shot by warrenzh, 朱楚甲.

baby son posed for shot for an profile photo for his music class, after dined out.

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