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Monday, September 20, 2010

a day with bliss in the end.

started the day with new hope. read while attending d/l. dozed awhile in afternoon among challenges from facing sin. later found the dog shit let online movie playing while absent, just aiming to lag the Internet within office, like a mice in soup. God, i saw the glory from the falling sins around me. left office a quarter before over time, roamed outside after dinner, &met the girl with a large bag 3rd or 4th time on the lane of QRRS front door. its sunny in the morning, turned cloudy after noon, and stayed clear&weak while redden in dusk. join church after jog, enjoy elaboration on great faith in the preach. buzzed baby in dorm, he complained his mom put too many homework on him, i told him none on the earth or in the universe can cradle him or got him pinched, not even his mom. baby sheered off when i ready to infringe more on his mom. God, what i mean&ask for permits&executes in advance by ur love&mercy, God, dad, still i pledge on u to guaranty my baby's forever light heart when he on the earth, the fragile planet. his mom no doubt has many darkness in her tiny heart&world of view, that meaningless for anyone in Holy Spirit, but as baby son still in need of care, improves his mom with due strength&merit. baby, u can do it, i know, we all know. dreamed in dawn of younger brother. join office around 6am.

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