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Friday, September 17, 2010

a day with perfect workout.

read all day while attending d/l. before 6pm i got all i admired&left office. enjoyed dinner in canteen where i absent for days, partially for too late, partially for empty wallet, in the past week. after dinner jogged outside, with my short pant its a bit cool, but i determined to train myself against chill. can't help telling baby&his mom the good news of new bonus, which really solves. these days God accompanies me so many occasions, in dark time waiting for d/l finish, in shadow of violence threats, in flashing thoughts among reading to decide, and more and more. God, bring me my new marriage with my beloved, bring me my girls in our prime time. in night buzzed baby, my mother in hometown, my youngest elder sister, about the bonus God saves me from starvation&humiliation. in dawn dreamed of the worn skin of my right heel completely in wholesome peeled off by me. got up to make water&glad with the dream. then dreamed of harmonious life with one of my girls. it's a bright morning now.

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