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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a day in danger.

It turned cloudy after noon. the company dispatched winter uniform. the facing guy in office brought mine to test if i would befriend him. i no doubt still on my heel. then the shit attacked me heavily in more than an hour. when i ready for a break after lots of reading. i haunted neighbor rooms. a once follower of my computer enthusiasm proactively talked to me. so i tough them a lesson on computer's benefit on children's early education. when the guy attempted to brag his porn video collections, i told the hobby can lead to impotent. on another room where there r 4 women, i talked about my brand online, my family members' id in the cyberspace. after returned my desk, i saw the danger of spying&dispute among sinful minds in the office, praying for God let my opinion in my blogs universal visible&unshakable. left office in time. in night buzzed him town for the second son of my second elder brother requested talk online. then i got know they exchanged the land phone between his house&my passed dad's. the demon's conspire to steal dad's wealth before mother left the world turned clear. God, let me defeat the devil, my second elder brother, once&forever in future, for i m my dad's only heir. God, let me rich of lessons for people come forth, let my voice unbeatable clear&straight forth, even enemies&sins i cursed in it conquered by it&decease to their cage of dim. God, last night i relentless for plan of equipping baby with new digital gears. we need a gaming pc, a tablet, a scanner/printer to rid baby son off pencil&scratch of paper. with ¥7000 budget, baby son can earlier adopt digitalized homework&constantly lives online. God, grant me to act free of wants. God, even now its pale this morning, i know stars&lights belong to me anytime.

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