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Friday, November 19, 2010

frost days, ice breaking in China democracy.

Its a frost morning since dawn. the sin, the monitor in office, urgent to declare last afternoon just before work over that it will snow in night, but it didn't. i saw so many bliss in the white among branches of trees outside of my window now. recent news has it that QRRS, the company offers me an office, had dispatched bonus directly into bank account of its staff. so, i likely can launch in coming days to equip baby son a tablet&printer/scanner in the aim to digitize his homework routine. God, let me do it with enough financial support from my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, the girl in serenity of plenty&dignity from Heaven. God, let me present baby son in this year end full of joys to glorify his presence on the planet. thx, Dad.


a day archives.^yesterday again sees fruits. supplemented tracking family google albums&blogs. activated twitter's authentic with my yahoo account. left office earlier a quarter to avoid dirt in office. roamed additional time outside around QRRS Dorms after dinner. baby son talked to me when i buzzed in. in night rested eyes by scratching on paper instead of cellphone as i liked. this morning is a frost weather, but hopeful it will turn sunny at noon. God, save my works i appreciate, bring me into my new family with cozy workspace.


a day for my 3rd wife, my girl zhou.^yesterday mostly bright, since morning frost clear itself gradually. at noon break, my Internet via corporate lan broke, as frequent cases, i decided to wait to see how long the penalty by China surveillance exerted. when i looked outside of office window, i saw my girl zhou at once. it took seconds before i recognized her, for she in a suite i first time seeing. nothing can ascribe my thanks to God for the moment, &how i satisfied by my girl zhou who so attracting me. its a busy day, i may concluded, reading, finished long time awaiting task, ie, adding traffic tracking code to all my family picasaweb albums, &blogs on google. in early winter night, God lets me own games from d/l&left office in time breezily. my salary again suffers loss, decreases to ¥1091, after last month resumed to ¥1600, presumable the normal stable standard but constantly in fluctuations since it was reached half year ago, just after i planned to buy baby a dell game pc. its so nice to know God already arranges my promising life ahead with my girls i searching on web so long. God, let me see the bright sooner&constantly!


try to reach out for gift season.^yesterday sees again gaining from web. after noon break, started to research dell desktop as planed last night. contacted dell sell representative for detail, for its site blocked&broken on China mainland. in the coming hours, tried to contact possible credit lender/leaser among my once friends in QRRS, my once employer. all failed, in sunshine outside, till God lets me know enough of it. baby's mom got irritated at once as usual when i attempting to introduce my plan. never i would allow another woman as messy as her in my life in future. the monitor in office bought a car&shown nearby with his colleagues aboard, drove by one of his pal for he lacks driving skill nor license. i know no one's gift can be ascribed to mine, the Son who here to reclaim his land vested from history itself&Heaven.
God, let the coming season brings surprise to my Royal! God, let warmth of share of ur shine prevailing in the winter of 2010. God, bring me my new family!


a day in danger.^It turned cloudy after noon. the company dispatched winter uniform. the facing guy in office brought mine to test if i would befriend him. i no doubt still on my heel. then the shit attacked me heavily in more than an hour. when i ready for a break after lots of reading. i haunted neighbor office rooms. a once follower of my computer enthusiasm proactively talked to me. so i tough him&others a lesson on computer's benefit on children's early education. when the guy attempted to brag his porn video collections, i told the hobby can lead to tastelss&impotent. on another room where there r 4 women, i talked about my brand online, my family members' id in the cyberspace. after returned to my desk, i saw the danger of spying&dispute among sinful minds in the office, praying God for fearless, for spreading my opinion in my blogs universally visible&unshakable. left office in time. in night buzzed hometown, for the second son of my second elder brother's requested talk online just before i left office. then i got known they exchanged the land phone between his house&my passed dad's. the demon's conspire to steal dad's wealth before dying mother left the world turned clear. God, let me defeat the devil, my second elder brother who hated&hurt me from time to time, once&forever in future&on my dad's land, for i m my dad's only heir. God, let me rich of lectures for people come forth with modesty, let my voice unbeatable clear&straight forth, let my web publication official from u, even enemies&sins i cursed in it conquered by its formidable, &decease to their cage of dim they deserve.
God, last night i relentless for plan of equipping baby with new digital gears. we need a gaming pc, a tablet, a scanner/printer to rid baby son off pencil&scratch of paper. with ¥7000 budget, baby son can earlier adopt digitalized homework&constantly lives online. God, grant me to act free of wants. God, even now its pale this morning, i know stars&lights belong to me anytime.


bright Monday morning.^posted a blog to include recent tweets&comments, also noted recent events in office, &happy with baby son in gaming, at http://benzillar.blog.163.com/blog/static/942754620101015111341460/ . the morning is bright, since last Sunday. QRRS dispatched thick coat&the facing guy likely asked to bring me mine by the way, showily the favor when i busy with my task. God, bring my new family sooner! and the gift season coming!

benzrad's recent photo blog:
From life as it extends

From life as it extends

for google's picasaweb blocked within China mainland for years, here some digest hosted domestically.

Chinese customs&a dirty play: burning ghost money for their relatives in grave.

benzrad, 朱子卓,rested in QRRS dorm.

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