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Monday, February 15, 2010

a day at leisure.

last night surfed via wap later after 2am. got up at 1:01pm. dozed again, woke up at 3:24pm. since last night to now, i only received an sms from my nephew in my hometown. God let me enjoy solitude so purely. dined with instant food, then baby's mom buzzed in. then visited office, where i fine tuned family posterous blogs, adding group profiles. posted recent blog, sorted bookmarks&portable, all time in radio of bible's companion. baby's mom don't contact me even i told her i will surf, and God let me do my own business, rather than encouraging ema's evil bargains. also unsubscribed my posting feed with baby's mom's email or any other notifications, but not sure if linkages of her i previously setup among family accounts all disabled, for its hard to check all settings on different sites. when i left dorm to office, magpies restlessly croaked to me. i hope its a blessing day for my new life ahead with my girl zhou. after returned dorm near 8:10pm, i buzzed hometown&talked to my mother, my kid brother's wife. they likely in happy mood. we arranged to interview online next day with my kid brother, who now equipped with a netbook&wireless web access. he this moment visiting my elder brother's house in our village, no doubt he is a very sociable person. missing my girl very much. hope i can soon see her in this holiday. God, i closer and closer see ur deeds&blessing on my Royal of China. let me hold my girl's wrest sooner in this happy traditional holiday of Chinese. later buzzed sally in Guangdong, her hometown, she just got a job, we promised contact online. surfed on cellphone till 12am when i slept.

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