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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

wired with gospel via radio online. God shines me with new assurance.

last night slept after 10pm, after surfed via wap. this morning woke up as normal.likely snowed last night. in office continued to catalog cliparts assets. returned dorm after lunched in office. returned office after 2:40pm, tried radio online. dined outside for the canteen out of service. a tall girl, looks like my girl zhou, lingered awhile gazing me far on the other side of QRRS main road, outside of the restaurant, while i waiting for serving dishes, with 2 male pals. lingered in dorm all night. felt my girl zhou longing for me, but the insulting scene on last Friday night still hurts me, God pacified me that's not my girl zhou. buzzed baby son for the blessing, arranged last shower in lunar 2009 with baby's mom, emakingir.

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