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Sunday, February 14, 2010

a pale day.

got up after 10am. lingered in office till 11:30am, lunched with bread&susage bought in dorm. then visit office, where i posted tweets, read subscriptions within my google reader. later tried new google chrome extensions. baby's mom, who turns more into sins, didn't buzz in nor chat online as we scheduled last night. my baby son in dirt, and his mom's family's insanity shown itself when i left office&dwelling in dorm. God, my son, the God of Universe, u don't less informed about the ailment of the sin family. God, u sees all the bright and dark. i left office near 4pm, returned to dorm directly, &dined with instant needle i prepared for the holiday. when i left the office, a magpies croaks in trees, to let me know my new life promised. a bit sad for loneliness, longing my girl, and the formula coldness among people. dozed on bed near 6pm, then haunted neighbor dorm to watch TV there, till 10pm the dorm administrators summon bachelors, mostly new staff of QRRS come from other provinces outside of Heilongjiang, and stayed in dorms for holiday, to dine together as an old policy the QRRS shows hospitality. after dinner i watched TV again in dorm 2nd then returned to my room before 12am. all blasts of crackers&fireworks outside, like a war field but just fake. Chinese long history disabled its people accessing real weapon, like pistol or gun, which can balance the difference of strongth among people, really a shame and weak of the nation. baby's mom never called in today, sins in her deepenes for testing the holy of my family, ie. my baby son, me, and my passed dad, all in God. in this moment, i see my girl longing for me, in mask of bustle and hustle of holiday life. Masheng, i needn't pray here, that cares more our baby, God of Universe, warrenzh, help him rid of threatens and temptations from the dirty family of his mom, esp. the evil grandma. kill offences right time&mercilessly.

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