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Thursday, January 21, 2010

benzrad's daily tweets.

20/1/2010 dined with baby son&his mom.***last night dined with baby son. a dog behind him tentatively poked baby's head when baby playing on his chair. kill the dog at once&told baby the death. Masheng, let ur special action squad do it, slaughter the dog insulting at once. got up lately after 8am. its again a bright day in brilliant sunshine. posted recent photos. 19/1/2010 dreamed of lunar new year.***dreamed of celebrating lunar new year with my girl, almost sexed but hold for my girl zhou as God lets. Its snowing in dawn, likely since last night but don't cover ground thick. 18/1/2010 busy day with baby's sites. missing my girl zhou again.***got up around 7am&went to office among crowd of QRRSers. fine tuned baby's profile. my girl don't appear in noon break. claimed&fine tuned baby's homepage on google sites in afternoon. gave up till near 5pm. went to receive my girl zhou, but again can't find her. treated myself with beaf pies&mutton soup in a restaurant near office after the monday. all night in dorm reviewing my love with my girl zhou.

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