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Thursday, January 14, 2010

sad dawn dream.got wired via QRRS.

i stood till her was almost packed by those male QRRSer into a car, and haunted over and around till sure she left the mini-plaza of QRRS front gate by car. on the way in dark lamps, i murmured in heart, my dear, i never closer to u than this moment, for God let me show my wines of persistence, God shown me how u attending me, attending my appeal for u. on half way i originally tend to choose the half way i route between office&dorm, but God let me straight to the cross way and look out if my girl she left the car and drop me there herself alone first time. in office review the scene when i waiting for my girl in front of the QRRS HQ, reviewed my love with my girl zhou. haunted out on 6:30pm as Masheng lets, visiting the cross way my girl can appear. bought myself canned fruits, susage&wine on way to dorm. enjoyed the food&buzzed baby son to suggest them to him. he gladly allow me to buy him the food in next gathering. its so nice a day. i missing my girl so much! in this lonely night and this lonely room. God, don't i live in arms of my bride now? live now in my girl's dream tonight? don't i tear my beloved all night in every silent and single moment? don't i own the whole world of the continent thats beautiful? don't i m ur only son among the human? don't i talk with u in last night dream in ur Heaven, my hometown? don't i live with u, my dearest son, my grand passed dad, all u in one, as my own? God, don't u touched by my thanks with wilder joys in ur the Holy? don't u assure me and my followers mirage exactly in my arms? don't u laid bliss on every scent of my beloved girls, esp. my girl zhou's pillar? God, don't u picked the brightest star and decorated my girls' hairs with its starry? God, let me cry for ur love, cry for being in ur love, cry for the Heaven i saw and felt so far in the love of and with my girl zhou.

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