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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

insane&ill peers gawked into their problems upon me.

dreamed lots of alumni of middle school&campus. also dreamed worked with some QRRS colleagues. after woke up, dog's curse let me anxious awhile about my potent. since last night when i dined in the restaurant the evil against me on the topic: a couple whose family life turned a nightmare there asked another male friend to try to dissolve their family's coldness of dying hearts. a grey man once lived in QRRS dorm but a blue collar worker there tried to chat to me&boast old time firendship he had with the dog in the neighbor office of mine. and this morning just when i left the dorm to office, the only hometown folk of Hubei in QRRS, also a grey man, met me and tried to talk with me about hometown journey. they all likely had problem with their potent, and poisoning my life with their spying eyes which is blind in front of the Holy. got up at 7:17am and soon arrived office. posted tweets first, then hunt for resource to download. tried to update my google latitude but China surveillance heavily hampered the operation. also tried a new extension of google browser, chrome's, which blocked heavily by the surveillance. sorted portable after narrowly done it. my girl zhou again refused to walk alone the main road which passes my office in QRRS. the monitor, a dog, even God let me treat him a bit different from the facing evil for he also a graduate, bullied me by persuading me not to spit to the corridor, after i shown self-disciplined after the fury of the gay on facing desk and avoided to spit indoor. they all dogs whose common behavior is bully the silent. i retreated from office earlier, just after 2pm, for the cold of gays, ie. the deads, in office let me unconfortable.

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