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Thursday, January 28, 2010

a normal busy day.

got up around 7am, went to office near 8am. posted tweet, then read&download most of the day. also check family mail boxes routinely. finished task overdue, ie. added my passed dad's only video in his last year on the earth, shot by my kid brother when he visited our hometown while in vacation from his Guangdong's drifting employee's life, into the link of his photo on sites i setup in memorising him. later tried to logon my qq via its client on a female colleague's pc, for web qq refused my logon for several days. then tried pidgin, an open source instant messenger which said support qq but failed me to access my qq, the monoply Chinese social im, likes all Chinese dotcoms, closely dogged its property by fensed itself from any open connects, and steal user base and data secretly at will. sorted portable&backup some stuff newly got to dvd, finished it after 6pm. the facing dog closely espionaged, stayed there just several minutes ahead me left, while the monitor left about half of an hour after work over. treated myself with beef pies and soup. missing my girl, who didn't apppear in rush crowd of QRRSers at noon again, very much. - daily tweet on Jan 27,2010

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