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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

promising day, with delayed gospel.

last night went to sleep lately, again tried googling my web id via my cellphon's wap. this morning woke up just after 7am, with an inner open eyes for gathering with my girl zhou. washed head after got up. it would be another great day, with brilliant sunshine. went to office after 7:30am, check e-bible for last night preach i heard. roamed in office, waiting corporate lan, with which the department dirctor said had applied&in process, wired. greet my girl, who today wears a grey fur-alike coat, and likely in low mood when she returned to QRRS, covers her head with the cap on the coat. the dogs in office closely peeked me, twice when i salute my girl zhou passing by my office. i later doubting sweat or bitter our love is lasting today. God lets me not to suffer but enjoy the delayed deep hog&breath into each other between my girl zhou&me. evil of gays in the offices&around unfold themselves in front of me, God lets me informed. - posted on 11/1/2010

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